Fujinon XF 10-24 mm Review

Categoria: English Pubblicato: Martedì, 27 Maggio 2014 Scritto da Donato Chirulli

Testo e Foto di Donato Chirulli

English version by Luca Petralia

Fujifilm X-E1 & Fujinon XF 10-24mm 1:4 R OIS @10mm Iso 200 f/16 - 1/125 sec. Jpeg file (post-produced with Pshop)

I must admit I was waiting to test this new Fuji zoom lens for several reasons. The most important being the fact that it covers a focal range that wasn’t covered by the Fuji lenses lineup, with the exception of the XF 14mm F2.8 (you can read the review Here). In my opinion a lens like this is absolutely indispensable for architecture, reportage, interior design, landscape and street photography. Enthusiasts or Professionals it doesn’t matter, you need a lens like this. I would also say that if I had to chose one lens only, this would probably be a lens like this or a 24-70mm, that however is not present in Fuji’s lineup. The latter is the usual general purpose lens, while the 10-24 (15-36mm equivalent) allow to cover some specific use but can also be somehow considered a general purpose lens. Given the quality of the 14mm lens there were all the reasons to expect great results from this new zoom lens so as soon as I could put my hands on it I decided to test it out to know what this lens ic capable of.


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Test Canon Eos M

Categoria: English Pubblicato: Domenica, 13 Aprile 2014 Scritto da Donato Chirulli

Testo e Foto di Donato Chirulli

(English version by Luca Petralia)

Recently one of my Facebook friends wrote something about the Canon EOS M. I told myself “uhm, the Eos M, I almost forgot this camera exists for real”.

To be honest, after just one year from its launch date, you hardly hear about it, nobody even remembers about it. Reality is that you can't even imagine why Canon decided to launch the new system and then let it go and almost abandon it with one camera and just three lenses (one of them is a prime). I personally think Canon just wanted to say to the other manufacturers something like “Hey, right now we’re not willing to invest in the CSC market, but if we decide to be serious about it…make way”. Whether it is true or not this decision almost forced the market to look somewhere else, other systems, other cameras, other brands that ensure a wider lens lineup, advanced options and performances. For this reason the Eos M almost disappeared and gone forgotten very quickly, and the few comments you could hear around were not so complimentary with the system.

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Zeiss Touit 12mm e 32mm

Categoria: English Pubblicato: Lunedì, 17 Marzo 2014 Scritto da Max Angeloni

Text and photos by Max Angeloni (Translation by Luca Petralia)


Zeiss's presence into the CSC camera market seems the final consecration of such cameras. They are no longer a "second choice" camera systems but effective photographic tools capable of satisfying the needs of the most experienced photographers.

During their first years of life the CSC cameras have had to find a spot of their own in the wild photographic market. Many thought that such cameras would have lead to a quick fall of the DSLR cameras systems in favour of the new mirrorless camera systems. Reality is different and the high end compact cameras are the ones that suffered the most because of the CSC cameras. There are various reasons for this. First of all, the fact that these young systems were rough, were not as mature as the DSLR ones, especially for what concerns the overall performances. Also, the limited number of lenses available, compared to the incredible amount available for the most used systems forced the CSC cameras to be a consumer oriented product rather than a professional one.


Senza specchio... senza compromessi

L'entrata di Zeiss sancisce la definitiva consacrazione dei sistemi CSC. Non più macchine di ripiego ma veri e propri strumenti fotografici in grado di soddisfare le esigenze anche dei fotografi più esperti.

Nei primi anni di vita, i sistemi CSC, hanno stentato ha trovare una loro precisa collocazione nel vasto mondo dell'offerta fotografica. In molti avevano previsto, frettolosamente, un immediato declino delle reflex a favore delle macchine fotografiche prive di specchio. La realtà si è rilevata bene differente e a soffrire perdite cospicue di fette di mercato sono state le compatte di fascia alta. Questo è imputabile a diversi fattori. Primo tra tutti, l'immaturità di questi giovani sistemi soprattutto sotto il profilo delle prestazioni operative. Inoltre, l'inadeguatezza del parco ottico rispetto a quanto offerto dai sistemi tradizionali, ha rilegato per lungo tempo le CSC al ruolo di prodotti indirizzati più ai fotografi senza eccessive pretese che ai fotoamatori evoluti. (Versione in Italiano)

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Test Fujifilm X-T1 (Part II) - English

Categoria: English Pubblicato: Sabato, 15 Marzo 2014 Scritto da Donato Chirulli

Testo e foto di Donato Chirulli (English version by Luca Petralia)

Fujifilm X-T1, Fujinon XF 18-55 mm @ 18mm - Iso 400 - f/4,0 - 1/100 sec.

What should I add to what Max Angeloni said about the Fuji X-T1? Is there room to provide additional data or to know more in depth this Fuji’s gem? Yes, for sure, but I’m not used to discuss technical data that are out of my scope. Now you’re thinking…”So what do you write for?” Well, I would like to tell you about my photographic experience during the last years.



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Fujifilm X-T1

Categoria: English Pubblicato: Domenica, 16 Febbraio 2014 Scritto da Max Angeloni

Text and photos by Max Angeloni (Translation by Luca Petralia)

Fujifilm X-T1

This is an interesting moment in the evolution of digital photography. 
Until recently it was usual to see pro-grade cameras and huge lenses in the hand of beginners, or just photography enthusiasts. This kind of cameras were the most desired because of the will to not accept compromises about image quality. But thanks to the CSC things are different now. The miniaturization trend has hit many photographers, even the most skilled, allowing CSC cameras to be part of their regular photographic gear. Like a continental drift, these two philosophies look fated to get away from each other. Quality vs Size. A battle based on conflicting motivations, that aren't always true. As usual, reality is different from what we percieve.
However during these days it is usual to consider the instrument more important than the cultural growth of the photographer, and this lead to the inevitable rush towards the "perfect" photographic tool.

Questo è un periodo particolare dell’evoluzione fotografica digitale.
Fino a poco tempo fa, corredi formati da reflex professionali e ottiche fantascientifiche, erano posseduti o desiderati anche dai fotografi in erba in nome della massima qualità fotografica.
Con l’avvento delle CSC, l’estrema miniaturizzazione ha fatto colpo anche sui fotografi più smaliziati che hanno fatto entrare questi mezzi nelle loro borse in nome della massima compattezza.
Sembrava una deriva dei continenti che, basando principalmente la propria energia su contraddittorie motivazioni, portava inevitabilmente all’allontanamento di queste due “filosofie” fotografiche.
In realtà le cose stanno in maniera differente da come noi le percepiamo.
Il nocciolo della questione è sempre lo stesso.
In una scrittura della luce in cui, nella scala delle gerarchie, il mezzo tecnico prevale sulla crescita  culturale del fotografo, è inevitabile assistere a questa rincorsa spasmodica verso lo strumento fotografico “perfetto”. (Versione in Italiano)

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Fujinon XF23mm F1.4 R

Categoria: English Pubblicato: Venerdì, 08 Novembre 2013 Scritto da Max Angeloni

Text and photos by Max Angeloni (Translation by Luca Petralia)

“The lenses announced till today are on a different path compared to the ones from other CSC cameras manufacturers. They’re not cheap lenses, but great tools to get the most from your cameras. Notwithstanding the above though, what is needed now is a step forward. A real step forward aimed at giving a great user experience rather than just being perfect on scientific tests. What we’re talking about is something that enhances the experience not only for those who are more concerned about technical perfection, but also for those who Day in - Day out get their cameras to take pictures all over the world looking for that decisive moment worth being captured and remembered forever”.

This is how we closed our X-System considereations with Donato Chirulli, almost one year ago. Since then, Fujifilm seems to have listened to this request coming also from our pages.

"Anche le ottiche presentate fin qui sono in controtendenza rispetto a quanto ha fatto la concorrenza al momento della presentazione dei propri sistemi CSC. Non furbi e scadenti obiettivi, ma ottimi strumenti per utilizzare al meglio le proprie macchine fotografiche. Ma ora serve uno sforzo in più. Uno sforzo che non deve strizzare l’occhio alle asettiche prove preconfezionate ma alla fotografia reale. Fotografia reale che non è fatta da chi si limita a scrivere di fotografia ma da chi, ogni giorno, esce per strada con la sua macchina fotografica al collo per cercare di rendere eterno un momento fissando un istante di vita lungo qualche centesimo di secondo."

Così chiudevamo l’articolo sul sistema X di Fujifilm scritto a 4 mani con Donato Chirulli. Da allora è passato quasi un anno e Fujifilm sembra aver dato ascolto a questa richiesta giunta anche dalle nostre pagine. (Versione in Italiano)

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Fujifilm X-Q1: First Impressions

Categoria: English Pubblicato: Domenica, 27 Ottobre 2013 Scritto da Max Angeloni

Text and photos by Max Angeloni (Translation by Luca Petralia)

The Photo Enthusiasts’ Day 2013 (Giornata Nazionale del Fotoamatore 2013), impeccably organized by Photosintesi Association of Casarano, was for us the occasion to enjoy again the wonderful air from Salento and to have our first approach with the brand new Fuji’s X-E2 and X-Q1.
Thanks to the presence of
Fujifilm Italia we had the chance to finally put our hands on the two new cameras showcased during the event.
While Donato Chirulli focused on the
X-E2, I was really thrilled to try the new compact camera from Fujifilm.

La Giornata Nazionale del Fotoamatore 2013, organizzata impeccabilmente dall’associazione Photosintesi di Casarano, è stata per noi l’occasione per respirare nuovamente l’aria del meraviglioso Salento e per avere un primo contatto con la X-E2 e la X-Q1.
La partecipazione di Fujifilm Italia all’evento, infatti, ci ha consentito di iniziare a prendere confidenza con le due nuove macchine fotografiche, presentate in anteprima, proprio durante questo evento.
Se dalla perizia fotografica di Donato Chirulli sono uscite le prime impressioni sulla X-E2, la curiosità invece mi ha spinto a capire il carattere della nuova compatta di Fujifilm. Nuova compatta che per caratteristica e dimensione entra in un segmento che amo molto (Versione Italiana).

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Fujifilm X-E2 & XC 50-230mm First Test - English

Categoria: English Pubblicato: Giovedì, 24 Ottobre 2013 Scritto da Donato Chirulli

Testo e foto di Donato Chirulli

We don't know why, and  we don't know if this type of policy is really useful for the manufacturers , but we have to take note of a fact: The rumors about the new models of many of the most famous photographic brands on the market. actually come many months before the respective official presentation and, even more , before the real marketing of those items . The fever of news, data , specifications and technical practice tests affects so more and more fans, in constant search of the " Philosopher's Stone" which allows , with minimal effort , to transform the " lead" into " gold." Improve ie , the level of the photographs taken by the ever-increasing technical capabilities of the devices. At riflessifotografici .com, we have particular philosophical approach : we appreciate the technological improvements only when these are , really , satisfying the need for daily practice in the field. A technical improvement, in fact , has a real reason to be, when a photographer (amateur or professional ) can get a tangible benefit in his daily practice. Let us not be charmed by " glitter and sequins ," or " bait and switch " that serve only to attract the potential customer , and then not really giving anything really useful to the latter, but the knowledge that you have bought .. . the last, glittering model ..... And it is for this reason that, generally , we take it easy when we do our tests. Even with the risk of publishing them when they seem almost obsolete .... ....

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